What a Horrible Weekend

Well on a lighter note no one will probably read this, but I will be able to get it off my chest.

I "lucked out" and got July 4th off, but somehow I got my wires crossed and didn't go to work on the right shift on the 5th.  They let me make up some of the hours, but I still don't know whether or not I got a No Call/No Show for the day.

And like every holiday I had to face the reality that I am alone and am doomed to that fate.  The people to whom I am attracted could not possibly find me attractive.  I am too old and too fat.  I am poor white trash and I am lacking prospects.  Hell I would not date me!

But every now and then Hope rears her ugly head (I want to hex her) but Reality comes along and slaps the silly bitch down.


Happy Birthday Duskrider

Hi! I just wanted to be the first on my block to wish you a Happy Birthday and to wish you a Happy New Year.

I joined the SFBC and got a copy of "Harlequin" by LKH. Good story, much better read than Micah (which I got in Paperback.

Give everyone a hug from me, and my hope is you will have a great year filled with abundance and joy.

Love ya,
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Has Anyone Seen This Ornament?

I have been looking for this ornament for some time and no one seems to have seen it, or if they have they do not know where they saw it or where the person who had it bought it.

Christmas Ornament

It kinda reminds me of Padfoot and Moony. 

It is about 3" across and is a steel disk.  If you have seen it please drop me a line to tell me where I can get a copy.